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The earliest recorded meeting of Huddersfield Master Plumbers in existence is from 16th January 1902. This refers to a previous meeting, so we can assume its formation was well before this date. Affiliated to the National Association of Master Plumbers of Great Britain and Ireland, early meetings were held in Huddersfield Town Hall.

First Recorded President/Chairman: Sam Slater
President of the first recorded meeting in 1902.

Vice Presidents: A. Garton (R), W. Haigh (R), J. Taylor, A Crowther.

Meetings of the Huddersfield Master Plumbers continued throughout both World Wars, so neither Kaiser Wilhelm or Hitler stopped plumbing.....
Year Key Personnel
1914 President: David Bould.
Senior Vice President: Sydney Taylor. Junior Vice President: George Brook.

President: N. Green
Senior Vice President: W. Bailey. Junior Vice President: J. Winterbottom.

1966 President: T. Jessop
Senior Vice President: J. Jenkinson. Junior Vice President: B. Jenkins.
1977 President: S. Gledhill
Senior Vice President: ?. Junior Vice President: Mr Brooke.